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Crank Trigger Kit include

  • Trigger Wheel

  • Distributor Block-Off Plate (Billet Aluminum 6061)

  • Stainless Steel Crank Sensor Mount

  • VR Crank Angle Sensor

  • Hardwares



Machining Pulley

  • Use Dial plate find and Mark the degree as the picture shown.(witch is the CPS position)

  • Require machining pulley to exact dimension shown on figure by Lathe.



Drills & Taps

  • If there is a desire angle set-up , Place Trigger Wheel to align the Sensor position Mark on the pulley.

  • Mark in the middle of the slots 

  • Drills and Taps (3) or (6) M5x0.8mm threads  


Install Wire at Final

  • Install Wire from Carburetor Throttle Lever to Firewall Cable Wheel.

  • Cut Wire to length & Soldering Wire End with Tin for better clamp result.

TA22 Celica Throttle Cable Wire


Fastening Wire Screw Nipple

  • Adjust Cable by using adjuster on Throttle Tube at Firewall Bracket Side.

  • Can also adjust Cable by rotate Throttle Lever (Throttle Wheel) on Cross Bar Shaft at Carburetor side.

TA22 Celica Throttle Cable Wheel
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