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Project '70 Datsun WPL510 Bluebird Wagon

Barn Find ‘70 DATSUN 510 Wagon First Start-up


  • Custom Dual SU HIF 44 Carburetors set

  • Project-J Datsun 510 LHD Throttle Linkage Kit

  • Project-J Custom Original Bias Pedal Box

  • Custom Nissan R32 Caliper and Rotor into 13" Wheels

  • Custom Hi-Low Kits Zenky Suspension


The Car have to drive to DMV make car dynamic test like Lighting , Exhaust , Brake , Wheel alignment ...etc. for owner registration.

So we fix the brakes and carburetor problems and try to fire up the engine before the project.

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Project-J Co. Garage Taiwan

Idle Thrust Design Craft Club

Up to Date

Fully Custom complete new wiring harness routes base on original switches and application with integrate fuses and relays in box.

No more Cooked switch & Burned connect !

Built-In independent Ignition circuit, Electric Fuel Pump, Cooling Fan, Headlight, Fog, RPM Gauges, A/C applications that usually need good clean Power source.

Separated Engine and Chassis Wiring , No more additional harnesses and messy engine room.

A truly upgrade and use last longer.

Project '70 Datsun WPL510

Twin SU HIF 44 Carburetors 

  • PJ Custom Heat Shield

  • PJ Custom Velocity Stacks

  • PJ Custom Throttle linkage Set

Project '70 Datsun WPL510

13" Bridgestone A038 Ultra Light Alloy Wheels

Project '70 Datsun WPL510

Engine Overhaul

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