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Installation Guide


Datsun L-Series 
Crank Trigger Kit

 !! Take you Engine Control into Next Level !!

  • Fit Perfectly on Original Factory Pulley

  • Fully Adjustable Trigger Angle

  • 36-1 & 60-2 Trigger Wheel

  • VR Sensor 

  Require Machining Work on OG Pulley 


Replace the Old Slack Linkage or Shitty Modification Throttle Linkage Sys.

Complete Upgrade the Throttle System for TWIN Weber / Dellorto / Mikuni Solex Carb. Set up

  • For Cross Shaft Throttle Control System (8mm or 10mm) shaft

  • Cable Conversion for TWIN Carb. Cross Shaft Throttle Control


Genuine Nissan Hitachi Carburetor A15 B11 E15


Datsun 1200 UTE A12


Genuine Nissan Carburetor for A15 B11 E15

Nissan 16010-26M03 
Hitachi DCX306-5

Directly Bolt on Carburetor to Stock A12 Intake Manifold with Slightly Modification. 


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