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Conversion Kit include

  • Firewall Bracket Assembly

  • Pedal Quick-Release Ball Joint Push Rod (With RH & LH Threads)

  • Valve Cover Bracket

  • Throttle Lever Cross Bar Shaft (Size 8 or 10 mm)

  • Cable Tube & Wire (Cut to Length)

TA22 Throttle Linkage Cabl Conversion
TA22 Celica Throttle Conversion
Toyota Celica Ta22 Throttle Cable Conversion



  • Bolt on the Firewall Bracket & Valve Bracket in place and install Throttle Lever on Cross Shaft.

  • Modify the Original Pedal Lever Ball End with New Screw type 8mm Ball End ( Require Drill Out the original ball joint on the Pedal Lever )

  • Reinstall the Pedal Lever and install the Push Rod Linkage.

  • Adjust the Push Rod Length by Rotate Rod to set the Cable Wheel in position.

  • ​Fastening Ball joint Nut.

Toyota Celica TA22 Throttle Conversion
Toyota Celica TA22 Throttle Cable Conversion
TA22 Celica Cable Conversion


Install Cable Outer Tube

  1. Install Cable Boot

  2. Cut Cable Outer Tube to desired length

  3. Install Cable Crimp

  4. Place Cable into Throttle Tube


Install Wire at Final

  • Install Wire from Carburetor Throttle Lever to Firewall Cable Wheel.

  • Cut Wire to length & Soldering Wire End with Tin for better clamp result.

TA22 Celica Throttle Cable Wire


Fastening Wire Screw Nipple

  • Adjust Cable by using adjuster on Throttle Tube at Firewall Bracket Side.

  • Can also adjust Cable by rotate Throttle Lever (Throttle Wheel) on Cross Bar Shaft at Carburetor side.

TA22 Celica Throttle Cable Wheel
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