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COMPLETE Set Twin Mikuni Solex PHH Set for Datsun 4 Cyl. L-Series Engine.
  • Nostalgic JDM Kyokuto 極東 FET Racing Intake Manifold Kit with Original Hardware.
  • Nostalgic JDM Mikuni Solex PHH Type-4 Match Pair Carburetor.
  • Custom Made Stainless Original Type Throttle Linkage Kit (Directly install on PL510 Check Out My Other List for Detail & Installation).
  • Custom Made Stainless Water Inlet Housing Kit (Check Out My Other List for Detail & Installation).
  • Fuel Pump block off Plate Stainless Steel.
  • Include Fuel inlet AN6 Aluminium Straight fitting (Not shown on the picture)
  • The Carburetors Heat Shield Shown on the pictures. That may only fit the standard header Not the Racing Exhaust Header. (Will ship together but it may useless)
Carburetor jetting
Venturi Choke #34mm
Aux. Venturi #10
Needle Valve #1.5
Cold Start Jet #180
Pump Jet #50
Main Air Jet #180
Main Emulsion Tube #M
Main Bleed Pipe #8
Main Jet #140
Idle Jet #57.5


Carburetor Jetting are base on 1600 c.c. to 1800 c.c. 4 cyl. engine.
Will suit Datsun L14 L16 & L18 for a good start point.
The Carburetors have been appropriate restored , checked & cleaned.
No modify or machining on the carburetors.All Original screws and parts.
Throttle lever and Starter bracket are custom made stainless for easy replacement and set up.
The Carburetors and Intake Manifold are in a very good used condition.
Linkage Kit & Water Inlet Housing Kit are custom made brand new.
Let me know if you need any detail of the items. 
Nostalgic Parts Sold AS-IS please see pictures & ask questions for any detail.



COMPLETE Twin Mikuni Solex PHH DATSUN 510 L-Series L16 L18 Weber DCOE DHLA L20B

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