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Datsun L-Series Crank Trigger Kit

For Nissan L13 L14 L16 L18 L20B


Fit Perfectly on Original Puelly for EFI , DIS Sys.


Kit Included

  • Adjustable Trigger Wheel for Any Degree Setup (black oxide finish )
  • Distributor Block-Off Plate (Billet Aluminum 6061)
  • Stainless Steel Crank Sensor Mount
  • VR Crank Angle Sensor (Come with Genuine Borsch connectors)
  • Hardwares
  • Billet Crank Pulley purchased separately (Do not included)



Machine Original Pulley

Drill and Tap for trigger wheel



Datsun L-Series Crank Trigger Kit Adjustable 60-2 ,36-1 Wheel, VR Angle Sensor


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